Project Location: Herndon - Home Retreat

Problem: Our client wanted a comprehensive project that included a pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, fireplace and a comfortable patio space to create a ‘resort’ type feel to the back yard.

The pool company wanted to put the pool in the middle of the yard, which would have divided the nice open lawn into smaller unusable spaces. Fortunately our client called us and began the process of developing a plan to incorporate all the elements tastefully.


This is where we bring value to the table. We are able to look at the big picture and help our clients take the best advantage of their site.

We designed the pool to fit in along the back property line so it becomes more of a destination, a fun place that is separated from the house. The arbor and trellis help frame in, define and unify the space. There was a lot of surface water coming from the neighbors, so a stone wall was put in to raise the grade and divert the water. It is also bench height which creates additional seating. While the pool was being constructed, we excavated, moved soil, installed drainage, built the stone walls, trellis, fireplace and patio. Because of our tight coordination with the pool contractor, the pool was ready for use the day he was done!