Project Location: McLean, Virginia
Designer: Linda Nichols

Problem: Over the years the garden fell into disrepair. Some plants died out, some became overgrown and the lawn became all weeds. When the homeowners started a major house renovation they decided it was also time to update the landscape.


To bring out the Southern Charm of the two story front porch and circular drive, Boxwood were used as a foundation plant and edging around the circular drive. A Japanese Red Maple, Pink Astilbe and Hakenchloe add color throughout the year. Existing Azaleas & Hosta were transplanted to side beds to create interest along the property lines. The low 1 story garage was complimented with perennials plantings including evergreen Hellebores, Epimedium, Bleeding Heart and Astilbe.

The circular brick walk was re-laid to align with the front door, using brick to match the existing front porch. To soften the neighbor’s 8’ brick wall, a variety of ever green trees and shrubs were planted.

The lawn area was rototilled, graded and new sod and irrigation installed for an instant green carpet effect.